How to get in touch

If you think KPN Ventures could be a good partner to develop and accelerate your business, feel free to get in touch via mail or phone. Because we don’t want to waste your and our valuable time, our first step is to try to assess quickly whether there is a potential fit with our scope and criteria. A quick way to do this is to send a short investor presentation by mail, to which we will respond normally within two weeks. Another way is to schedule a 15 minutes call to discuss your proposition and a potential match.

You can send your investor deck to:  kpnventures [at]
To schedule a call, please contact our assistant at:  nazia.abdoelgafoer [at]

Because we get a lot of requests (>300) and only have the resources to execute on 4-6 investments, it helps when you arrange an introduction via somebody that we know that can provide additional feedback on the strength of your proposition.


What information are we looking for?

We have a preference to receive a small investor presentation, outlining:

investor deck contents


Before submitting your investor presentation or business plan, please read the general disclaimer of KPN Ventures. By submitting documents you accept this disclaimer.


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