KPN Ventures invests in online patient portal provider Pharmeon
June 6, 2019

KPN Ventures invests in online patient portal provider Pharmeon

KPN Ventures invests in online patient portal provider Pharmeon

KPN and Pharmeon today announce that KPN Ventures is providing growth capital for digital healthcare company Pharmeon. With the investment, Pharmeon will further expand the functionality of its portals and aims to attract new customers, responding to the growing demand for online communication between primary healthcare providers and patients. Besides the capital investment Pharmeon will also start working together with KPN Health to optimize its offering.

Consumers indicate that they increasingly want to access their data and communicate via online tools. And new legislation requires all health care providers in The Netherlands to make patient data accessible online available before 1 July 2020. A rapid growth in the use of digital communication and data exchange in healthcare is therefore expected.

Gideon Kreytz, director of Pharmeon: “Our ambition is to further develop ‘Uw Zorg online’ into the leading digital platform for primary healthcare in The Netherlands. The partnership with KPN gives us the power to expand our offering to meet the increasing demand for our services. It strengthens our position as an independent online partner for more than 4,000 healthcare practices.”

“We see it as our task to make a substantial contribution to the digital transformation of the healthcare sector, ” says Kees Donkervoort, director of KPN Health. “Lower costs, improved accessibility, and higher quality. In doing so, we do not only pay attention to the provided care and the caregivers, but also to the wellbeing of all Dutch people. Together with Pharmeon, we are making digital healthcare accessible to more and more people. We are therefore very happy with the participation in Pharmeon and look forward to the cooperation.”

About Pharmeon

Pharmeon’s mission is to make healthcare more accessible with innovative internet technology. Pharmeon offers a complete range of online services to 4,000 primary care providers including practice websites, patient portals and healthcare apps, including the ‘Uw Zorg online’ platform. Our solutions enable care providers to securely share healthcare records with their patients and manage appointments, consults or medication.

About KPN Health

KPN Health is the healthcare division of KPN and active in several areas in healthcare. E-Zorg, a provider of secure email communication between care providers and various telemonitoring services, KPN Care Messenger, KPN video calling facilities, KPN Cloud and workplace management for the healthcare sector. The investment is in line with KPN Ventures’ strategy to invest in digital healthcare initiatives and is in line with KPN’s belief that innovative IT can significantly improve healthcare and increase self-reliance, even in the event of illness or old age.

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