Newsletter Summer 2023
August 24, 2023

Newsletter Summer 2023

Newsletter Summer 2023

We’re thrilled to give our latest updates: 🚀New investment in CloudTalk! 💰Follow-on investments in BOX ID, Wirepas and Minut! ✨Exciting news from other portfolio companies that have been shining bright! But first, have a seat and get comfortable,while we take you through our highlights:

We’re thrilled to give our latest updates:

🚀2 new investments! BOX ID and Airalo

💰Exits of Pharmeon and Dimenco

✨Exciting news from other portfolio companies that have been shining bright!

☕June was full of events across Europe, nice to connect with inspiring founders and investors

But first, have a seat in the sun, while we will take you through our highlights:

KPN Ventures invests in supply chain visibility tool BOX ID systems

👀In the first half of April, we invested in German-based enterprise cloud software platform BOX ID. The solution enables industrial and logistics companies to track their Reusable Transport Packages (e.g., containers, transport racks) throughout the supply chain. BOX ID & KPN IoT are working closely together bringing value to both companies’ customers.


KPN Ventures invests in Global eSIM marketplace platform Airalo

🌍In July, we announced that we have joined the series B financing round in Airalo, the world’s first and largest eSIM store, providing travelers with connectivity at local prices. Super easy to use and affordable, without the hassle of exchanging a physical SIM card. Airalo and KPN Wholesale are working together on a partnership to boost growth. So if you have a holiday or business trip abroad scheduled, don't forget to download the app and try Airalo yourself!

Dimenco is joining the Leia Inc. family

💻In August, our portfolio company Dimenco, a Dutch-based front-runner in the display technology space, has been acquired by Leia Inc, the US-based provider of 3D display hardware and content services. This strategic move merges the strength of both leaders in the 3D market, to accelerate the mainstream adoption of 3D experiences across various devices and platforms. We congratulate Maarten, Peter, Pieter and the whole team with this great step and wish them lots of luck with this future combination!

HealthCloud Initiative (HCI) acquired our portfolio company Pharmeon

❤️In June, HCI, a fast-growing provider of healthcare software in the Netherlands, acquired Pharmeon. The Pharmeon platform enables communication between GPs through its UwZorgOnlineportals. The integration of both platforms enables healthcare consumers to easily ask healthcare questions online and to contact a wide range of healthcare providers. We thank management for their hard work and creating this successful journey!

Cequence achieves 555% growth expansion in H2 2023

🔒Impressive news from our portfolio company Cequence, the leading API security Provider. The company disclosed that in H2 2023, Cequence achieved a 555% growth in customer expansion, 300% growth in new customer logo acquisition and a 230% ARR growth. Cequence is also awarded as a “best-in-class” solution of 2023 in the Datos Insights Vendor Evaluation.

SMART Photonics secures EUR 100M in additional funding

💡Our portfolio company SMART Photonics, the Dutch foundry for photonic integrated circuits, has raised EUR 100M from amongst others the Dutch government,strategic industry titans ASML, NXP Semiconductors and VDL Groep as well as financial investors ING, Invest-NL, BOP Capital and Deep Tech Fund. With the new funding, SMART Photonics will strengthen its leading position as the manufacturer of next-generation chips in the European photonic value chain.  We are very delighted with the support of both the new and existing investors!

RangeForce launches a unique new feature: Defense Readiness Index(DRI)™

🤖Integrated into RangeForce’s Threat Centric platform - and with advanced AI underpinnings - the DRI™ is a pioneering score which gauges an organization's readiness to effectively respond to the cyberattacks it is likely to face. DRI™, based on the MITRE ATT&CK® and D3FEND™ frameworks, empowers organizations to pinpoint specific weaknesses in their team’s cyber capabilities, enables companies to quickly assess any skills gaps and implement strategic recommendations to plug those gaps.

EclecticIQ In Consortium Selected by European Commission to Enhance Europe's Cyber and Information Warfare Capabilities

⚡Our portfolio company, EclecticIQ, a leading European provider of threat intelligence technology, is part of a consortium that has been selected by the European Commission to carry out the European Cyber and Information Warfare Toolbox Project (EUCINF), in the frame of the European Defense Fund (EDF) 2022.

Meet KPN Ventures

🤝After a summer break, we are excited to go on the road again. KPN Ventures will be present at the following events:

  • Bits & Pretzels, Munich, 24-26 September
  • SaaStock, Dublin, 16-18 October
  • Web Summit, Lisbon, 13-16 November
  • Slush, Helsinki, 30 November-1 December

Please reach out if you are attending and would like to grab a coffee. And lastly, don’t forget to follow KPN Ventures on LinkedIn for the latest news and updates!


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